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Welcome to a tantalizing journey through Tunisia, where history, landscapes, and the art of media production converge. Nestled within this captivating North African nation are not only historical wonders and stunning vistas but also a culinary scene that beckons both taste and lens. From the bustling streets of Tunis to the serene shores of Kairouan and Kerkenah, Tunisia’s rich tapestry of flavors seamlessly intertwines with narratives and nourishment. Join us as we embark on a cinematic adventure, uncovering hidden gastronomic treasures that beautifully blend the craft of cuisine with the world of production. This is a tale of how food and media come together harmoniously, creating an experience that delights all the senses.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best food you can find in Tunisia, along with some great places to eat it:

  • Couscous: This is the national dish of Tunisia, and it’s a staple at most meals. It’s made with semolina pasta steamed in a broth, and it’s typically served with a variety of vegetables, meat, and fish.
  • Tunisian Couscous food

    Tunisian Couscous plate

    Kaftaji: This is a spicy vegetable stew that’s made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic. It’s a popular street food, and it’s also often served as a main course.

  • Tunisian Keftaji plate

    Tunisian Keftaji plate

    Brik: This is a savory pastry made with eggs, tuna, onions, and spices. It’s typically deep-fried, and it’s a great snack or light meal.

  • Tunisian Brik food

    Tunisian Brik food

    Slata méchouia: This is a salad made with grilled peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. It’s a popular mezze dish, and it’s also often served as a side salad.

    Tunisian Salad Mechouia

    Tunisian Salade Mechouia

  • Pastilla: This is a sweet and savory pie made with pigeon or chicken, almonds, eggs, and spices. It’s a traditional dish for special occasions, and it’s often served at weddings and religious holidays.

These are just a few of the many delicious dishes you can find in Tunisia. No matter where you go in the country, you’re sure to find something to tempt your taste buds.

Tunis: A Gourmet Prelude in the Capital

Our gastronomic adventure commences in Downtown Tunis, where distinguished eateries like “La Mama” and “Dar El Jeld” beckon. These culinary havens serve as perfect canvases for media crews to paint scenes infused with Tunisian authenticity. “La Mama” reinterprets the traditional Brik with a contemporary twist, while “Dar El Jeld” masterfully intertwines history and flavors within its opulent setting. Elevating this experience, you can pair these delights with select wines or beer, adding a touch of sophistication to the narrative. As you savor these culinary moments, consider extending your journey of indulgence at nearby luxurious hotels that seamlessly merge comfort with cultural charm.

Sfax and Kerkenah: Coastal Chronicles and Culinary Encores

Venturing south, embrace the tales of the sea at “Restaurant El Mansour” in Sfax and “Chez Ali” in Kerkenah. Relish fish couscous and prawn skewers at the former, resonating with the rhythmic coastal life. “Chez Ali,” meanwhile, regales with narratives of grilled red snapper and the art of sea-to-table dining. Both establishments offer an inviting ambiance that enriches the storyline, with “Restaurant El Mansour” serving alcohol to enhance the experience, while “Chez Ali” sets the stage for an alcohol-free culinary encounter. “Chez Tonton” stands as a testament to tradition. This establishment does not serve alcohol, in his 1st floor they provide an authentic experience through its flavors. Delight in the culinary wonders of Sfax as you capture moments resonating with local culture and taste. After a day of capturing riveting scenes, unwind and rejuvenate at nearby luxurious hotels that seamlessly blend comfort and cultural allure.

Sousse and Monastir: Sunlit Scenes and Flavorful Flourishes

In Sousse, “La Medina” breathes life into scenes with Kamounia, deftly weaving history and flavors. A journey to Monastir leads to “Le Pirate,” where grilled meats and majestic Mechoui take center stage. Both restaurants bask in the sun’s warmth as they weave captivating narratives, with alcohol enhancing the ambiance. “La Medina” unfolds a historical sojourn, while “Le Pirate” sets the tone for a coastal abundance. After a day of capturing cinematic snapshots, relax in lavish hotels that pamper you amidst the heart of Tunisia’s history.

Bizerte: A Gastronomic Crossroads in the North

Historic Bizerte takes the spotlight at “Restaurant Corniche,” where Ojja and Salade Mechouia steal the show. Seamlessly infusing these flavors into your production, this restaurant envelops you in a warm atmosphere. The availability of alcohol at “Restaurant Corniche” adds a nuanced layer to the experience, enriching the narrative. As the sun sets, unwind at luxurious hotels that offer a blend of opulence and history, complementing your gastronomic explorations.

Tozeur: Desert Dreams and Visual Feasts

“Dar Zargouni” in Tozeur invites you to an authentic desert banquet, featuring Couscous Merguez, Deglet Nour dates, and mint tea. Infuse these flavors into your cinematic stories against the backdrop of the Sahara. The desert-inspired dishes at “Dar Zargouni” become the props enhancing your visual narrative, providing a distinctive flair. After your desert escapades, indulge in nearby hotels that offer an oasis of comfort amidst the dunes.

Kairouan: Gastronomy Chronicles of the Ages

In Kairouan, “Dar Hassine Allani” showcases Lamb with Quince and the renowned Kaftaji. These dishes mirror the city’s rich historical layers, merging the past with the present. While the restaurant encapsulates history, its offering of alcoholic beverages complements the storytelling atmosphere. As your crew embarks on this culinary journey, rest easy at distinguished hotels that provide modern amenities alongside heritage charm.

Beyond: A Culinary Continuum Across Tunisia

Venturing beyond these cities, Tunisia’s gastronomic narrative flourishes. “Le Port de Pêche” in Mahdia and “Restaurant Byrsa” in Carthage continue the tale with seafood delights and Tunisian Tuna Salad. Each dish adds depth to the storyline, with both venues offering alcoholic drinks to let you toast to successful productions against flavorful backdrops. As the day concludes, retreat to luxurious hotels that offer a seamless blend of relaxation and cultural immersion.

Where Palates and Productions Merge

In Tunisia, storytelling transcends screens, weaving itself into dishes and dining scenes. From iconic downtown eateries to coastal and desert retreats, each plate adds a layer of authenticity, while every restaurant amplifies the narrative’s resonance. As media professionals craft their tales, they discover that Tunisia’s true story isn’t just in its visuals—it’s in its culinary narrative, waiting to be savored and shared. Pair your journey through culinary excellence with stays at luxurious hotels, where relaxation and inspiration converge.

Wassim Ben Rhouma

Tunisian producer who is professionally active in the movie/TV industry since 2009. He collaborates with multiple international TV and cinema productions and NGOs, as executive producer, line producer and fixer since 2011. My work experience ranges from documentaries to TV shows, movies, video clips and advertisements.

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