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Full range of media production services

Gladiators fixers are a one stop source for media production services in Tunisia. We can mange to get general filming permit, drone film permit or specific locations film permit like museums, mosques, administrations, banks, military zones...

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Who we are

Gladiators Media Agency

Gladiators Media Agency is a dynamic team of professionals who offer media production in Tunisia. Highly qualified, experienced and talented journalists, cameramen, video and audio engineers, fixers, drone operator, drivers and technicians are all determined to work hard to lead you to the most credible source of information and help you to oversee the best output and get the required film permit and drone film permit
In our past experience, we worked hand in hand with foreign journalists and production crews from all around the world who visited Tunisia to cover events and to shot video projects.
In this critical period of the North African history, we are the firsthand witness to the revolution, demonstrations, clashes and different phenomena.
All the journalists, whom we assisted, recognized our hard work in the field and always acknowledged us for the diligence we offered during our often dangerous missions.

A selection of our work


Gladiators Media Agency's fixers acquired a deep knowledge of the Tunisian territory and an extensive network of local contacts. We provide fixing and line production services for news, documentaries, feature films, corporate films, commercials and photo shoots. The group of experienced and efficient fixers we have will assist you with research, casting and translation and do what is necessary in order to maintain an excellent work atmosphere.


Our on-ground researchers are experienced, talented and have wide data base of local contacts in all the fields, they maintain neutral position in writing the reports transferred for you, they refer to different points of view to give an opportunity to the reader to summarize and have his own conclusion.


We offer advice on the best steps to follow in order to get the general filming permit. Our job is to grant you with the filming permits to be used in general shoots as well as permits to have access and film in specific locations such as historical sites and sport field. Also we can help you to get drone film permit or to use our drone and film permit in your projects in Tunisia


We assists you to hire the right and experienced cameraman, sound engineer, grip or gaffer anywhere in the country. We also provide you with the latest equipments such as HD cameras, lights, grip and sound equipment.


Gladiators Media Agency team undertakes independent filming assignments for corporate films, documentary films, interviews, GVs, news and delivers high quality footage for you relying on local crews. In case your tight schedule makes it hard for you to travel to Tunisia, our experienced team of producers are ready and determined to follow the brief.


Gladiators Media Agency team organises appropriate accommodation for your crew taking in consideration the location, budget and safety. We also have a network of reliable car rental agency across the country with knowledgeable and experienced drivers. Special vehicles, vans and boats are all at your disposal!


Gladiators Media Agency can offer you post production services, editing in Avid or premiere pro, color calibration, voice-over artist, mixing assistance with translation and transcription, captions and subtitles.



David New

Documentary director (Canada)

Wassim was a pleasure to work with in Tunisia. He found us the equipment, the skilled crew and the transportation we needed, and beyond that he was sometimes invaluable in finding us on-camera interview subjects at the last minute. He seems to know everybody in the country, or at least to know someone who knows them. If you are bringing a crew from abroad to Tunisia I can't imagine how you could do better than to work with Wassim.


Kim De Simone

Production Manager at Breakthrough Entertainment (Canada)

Wassim is one of the most hard-working, smartest, honest Fixers I have worked with.I would highly recommend him!

Our Clients

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Kasbah square, symbole of the Tunisian Governament

Filming permit in Tunisia

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