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Full range of media production services

Gladiators fixers are a one stop source for media production services in Tunisia. We can mange to get general filming permit , drone film permit ” or specific locations film permit like museums, mosques, administrations, banks, military zones…

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Gladiators Media Agency

Gladiators Media Agency is a dynamic team of professionals offering media production services in Tunisia. We are working with highly qualified, experienced and talented journalists, cameramen, video and audio engineers, fixers, drone operator, drivers and technicians. You can count on us to put you in contact with the most credible source of information and help you achieve the best output. Through our wide national network, we can save you time, money and energy and allow you to get the required film permit and drone film permit. We’ve already collaborated with foreign journalists and production crews from all around the world during their visits to cover events and to shot video projects in Tunisia. In this critical period of the North African history, we are the firsthand witness to the revolution, demonstrations, clashes, and different phenomena.

Filming in Tunisia

Our work

Fixing & production services

Fixing & production services


Our on-ground researchers are experienced, talented and have all the necessary connections locally in all the fields. They keep neutral when writing the reports for you, they refer to different points of view to give an opportunity to you as a reader to summarize and you’re your own conclusion.

If you’re having a media production project in Tunisia, you don’t have to worry about all kind of permits. Contact us and we will help you on that. Save time and effort and benefit from our advice on the best steps to follow to get the general filming permit. Our job is to get you the filming permits for general shoots work and permits granting access and filming rights in specific locations such as historical sites and sport field. The same assistance and help are available to obtain a filming with drone permit.

Equipment & crew hire

We assist you to hire the right and experienced staff such as cameraman, sound engineer, grip, or gaffer anywhere in the country. You can rely on us to get access to the latest equipment such as HD cameras, lights, grip, and sound equipment locally.

Content production

In case you cannot travel to Tunisia for any reason (travel ban for sanitary measures, tight schedule, or budget, etc), consider seriously the option to delegate the whole project to our local experienced team. Our producers ensure that the work is done as if you’re with us by a thorough following of your brief. Our expertise covers a whole range of productions: independent filming, assignments for corporate films, documentary films, interviews, GVs and news. Commonality between all these works: the guaranteed high-quality delivery.


Logistics is usually a headache in every production work. Too many details to manage and a lot of budget lost if you can’t do it with the right persons. Gladiators Media Agency team organizes appropriate accommodation for your crew taking in consideration the location, budget, and safety. We also have a network of reliable car rental agencies across the country with experienced drivers. Special vehicles, vans and boats are all at your disposal!

Post production support

Gladiators Media Agency can offer you post production services, editing in Avid or premiere pro, color calibration, voice-over artist, mixing assistance with translation and transcription, captions and subtitles.


Our clients

If possible, it’s done, if it’s impossible, it will happen

If possible, it’s done, if it’s impossible, it will happen

If possible, it’s done, if it’s impossible, it will happen

If possible, it’s done, if it’s impossible, it will happen

If possible, it’s done, if it’s impossible, it will happen

If possible, it’s done, if it’s impossible, it will happen

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