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Embark on a remarkable expedition through time and cinema, exploring Tunisia’s famous contribution to the Star Wars epic. From bustling Tatooine streets to windswept Jakku plains, Tunisia has provided impressive scenery for unforgettable film scenes. Join us as we uncover the secrets of these renowned shooting sites and unveil the financial benefits that have made Tunisia a haven for filmmakers.

Film Crew inside star wars location in Matmata in Tunisia

Film Crew inside star wars location in Matmata in Tunisia

Tataouine: The Epicenter of the Enigma of Tatooine

Situated in southern Tunisia, Tataouine is a renowned city with an array of fascinating ancient ksars and alluring panoramic views of the desert. This location proved to be idyllic for filmmakers seeking historical ambiance. They were able to bring George Lucas’s vision to reality by discovering this perfect haven nestled between history and atmospheric beauty.

Ksar Ouled Soltane

The fortified granary, which dates back several centuries – Ksar Ouled Soltane – served as Luke Skywalker’s home from where his Star Wars journey embarked, connecting real-world elements with that distant galaxy far beyond our reach.

Tourists can relish exploring the maze-like streets within its walls and diving into one-of-a-kind cultural experiences. It is no wonder why it has inspired generations who cherish watching stunning worlds come alive on-screen through powerhouse visual storytelling techniques!

Matmata is a quaint Berber town nestled in the barren terrain of southern Tunisia. Renowned for their distinctive troglodyte dwellings, these abodes are skillfully hewn out of solid earth. This location proved to be an ideal choice when Star Wars filmmakers were scouting for the perfect setting to depict Lars Homestead – residence ingrained in cinematic history as belonging to Luke Skywalker’s aunt and uncle.

The impressive subterranean structures at Hotel Sidi Driss served as interior quarters that sharply contrasted with the harsh sandy expanse above ground; completing this on-screen aura perfectly, providing glimpses of another world altogether.

Nowadays, tourists can explore and experience awe-inspiring examples of indigenous ingenuity behind Berber architectural marvels by venturing down through cool dimly-lit passages within chambers hosted at Hotel Sidi Driss while reliving cherished moments derived from a galaxy light years away.

Exploring Ong Jmal: A Star Wars Desert Destination of Destiny

Nestled within Tunisia’s vast sandy landscape is Ong Jmal, an historical oasis for camels that acted as a significant setting for scenes featured in Star Wars. The area boasts expansive desert dunes and towering palms that form the backdrop to Tatooine’s otherworldly charm, which filmmakers captured perfectly. Amongst this timeless scenery lie iconic moments, from Luke Skywalker fighting the Tusken Raiders to Anakin and Padmé meeting their fate. Today, visitors can marvel at ancient architectural remains while watching past cinematics blend seamlessly with present-day existence, consolidating Tunisia’s rich film legacy altogether on location at Ong Jamal.

Tax advantages in Tunisia:

But Tunisia offers more than just cinematic splendor—it also boasts a host of financial incentives and tax advantages for filmmakers. As a member of the Tunisian Film Commission, Gladiators Media Agency is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these benefits and maximize the production value of its projects. From generous tax credits to streamlined permit processes, Tunisia’s film-friendly policies make it an ideal destination for filmmakers looking to stretch their budgets without sacrificing quality.

Tax Credits:

Production companies filming in Tunisia can benefit from tax credits on eligible expenses, helping to offset the costs of production and encourage investment in local infrastructure and talent.


In addition to tax credits, Tunisia offers rebates on certain production expenditures, providing further financial relief to filmmakers and ensuring that projects remain on schedule and within budget.

Streamlined permit processes:

Tunisia’s film commission works tirelessly to expedite the permit process for filmmakers, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and facilitating seamless production logistics. This streamlined approach allows productions to focus on storytelling without being bogged down by administrative red tape.


In conclusion, the influence of Star Wars still lingers on fans and filmmakers in Tunisia’s desert as another day draws to a close. The exceptional quality of its storytelling and production has made an enduring impact on the country’s cultural identity, motivating many aspiring creators to take their own cinematic journey. Boasting an impressive past, breathtaking landscapes, and attractive tax advantages for film production; Tunisia remains an appealing destination for ambitious directors looking to bring their ideas alive amidst Tatooine’s timeless dunes.

Wassim Ben Rhouma

Tunisian producer who is professionally active in the movie/TV industry since 2009. He collaborates with multiple international TV and cinema productions and NGOs, as executive producer, line producer and fixer since 2011. My work experience ranges from documentaries to TV shows, movies, video clips and advertisements.

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