Filming permit in Tunisia

Filming permit in Tunisia
  • 06 May 2019

Are you planning to film in Tunisia? Do you need a film permit?

Look no further than Gladiators Media Agency! We can help you get the right film permit quickly, with no hassle.

According to Tunisian law, you will need a film permit to shoot in Tunisia. This process usually takes around two weeks to complete.

To get a film permit, you must provide the following documents to the Tunisian Embassy or Council in your country or city:

1. A copy of the crew members passports.

2. A copy of the press card (if applicable).

3. A film permit request written on an official paper with your organization stamp and the responsible signature.

4. An equipment list of all the “big equipment” you are planning to bring with you, such as cameras, wireless equipment, drones, SNG, live video streaming and transmission equipment and other transmission equipment.

You will also need to specify the locations and dates you want to film in Tunisia, as well as the topic you want to cover.

Getting a film permit for Tunisia can seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Gladiators Media Agency, it doesn’t need to be! We can help you navigate the process and make sure you get your permit in a timely, hassle-free manner.

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At Gladiators Media Agency, we understand the importance of getting the right film permit for your project.

We are here to provide you with the expertise you need to make sure your project is a success. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can help you get the right film permit for Tunisia!

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