It takes around 2 weeks to get a film permit for Tunisia. For that you need to send the list below to the Tunisian embassy or council in your country or city by email:

  • Copy of the crew members passports.
  • Copy of the press card (if existing)
  • A film permit request written in an official paper with your organisation stamp and the responsible signature.
  • Equipment list: you need to put together a list of all the “big equipment” that you are planning to bring with you like cameras, wireless equipment…
  • Drone, SNG and other transmission equipment need a special procedures

In your request to get the film permit, you need to specify the locations and the dates you want to film in Tunisia.

On the other hand you need to write the topics (don’t put a lot of details) and the people you want to meet.

If your topic is quite “non-conform” with what the Tunisian government want to show in particular drugs, illegal migrants, terrorism, tourism problems…, don’t put them, it can cause a delay on getting the permit.

This film permit doesn’t allow you to film with a drone. For that, you need a drone film permit.

To film inside governmental buildings, you need to ask directly the minister responsible for that building.

If you need to urgently get the permit, your fixer/service provider can fix that for you. But it will depend on the timing ; for example, during some “rush period” for exemple : elections, international meeting, terrorist attack… . Hundreds of crews ask for a film permit, which means that the Tunisian authorities have a lot of stuff to do and delivering the permit you need can take more than 2 weeks.

However in case you need to film in Tunisia and you don’t have time to wait two weeks. You can send a small crew, and your fixer/service provider in Tunisia can provide you with a qualified crew and all the equipment you need.

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