The Tunisian Jewish community in the island of Djerba in Tunisia is a very conservative community. The Jewish community in Tunisia are around 1500 persons, must of them, around 1200 are living in Djerba. 

To film in Tunisia you need a film permit. It allowed you to film in all the cities specified in this permit. 

Film crew Jewish Tunisia
Foreign film crew filming in the Ghriba synagogue in Djerba about the Jewish community Tunisia.

Security and police

Otherwise a permanent police checkpoint is based in the 2 mains entrance of the Jewish area in Djerba and you will be controlled every time you enter the area. So you need to put this in your schedule.

The must important Jewish area in Djerba is the Hara Kebira “Greater Neighborhood”, with the Jewish school, kosher restaurants, kosher public oven. The jewelry shops in Houmt Souk, the capitol of Djerba Island. The Ghriba synagogue, the first synagogue built out of Jerusalem. 

The religious events

The must important Jewish event in Tunisia and specially in Djerba is the Ghriba annuel pilgrimage it happens around May. 

It’s a very important message of peace, where Tunisian Muslims and Jewish coming from all around the world for this event celebrate the Ghriba visit. 

Filming Shabbat in Harra Kbira in Djerba is very unique. It’s a kind of « curfew », you will see some person walking around the city. The preparation of Shabbat is also a great moment where you see all the families preparing the food and bread and bringing it to the bakeries. 

To get a drone permit in Tunisia you need to get the approval from three ministries (Interior, Defense and Equipment (responsible of the airports and harbor)). You need also to get a general film permit.

You need to send your request 45 days before your filming day, with a specification of the location, GPS coordinates and exact flight time of your drone.

Also a copy of the drone pilot permit and the synopsis of the movie or documentary you want to film.

You need to do that whenever you use your drone.

Drone Tunisia

If you are a Tunisian company you can get a permanent drone permit, renewed every month. You are simply requested to announce to the authorities when and where you will use the drone.

The importation of a drone to Tunisia is not allowed and the Tunisian customs services will detent it. You will get it back when you leave the country. If your exit airport is not the same one you used for your entry, you need to write a request to inform them, to ensure that they bring it to your exit airport on your leave (An extra payment is possible in this case).

If, for any reason, you can’t bring it back with you or you want someone else to bring it with them, you need to write a request to inform the customs services about that, specifying the person’s name and their passport number. In all cases, you need to inform the customs services by phone that you are leaving, 24h before your flight, so they can prepare it for you without any delay, on your flight day. You can ask for their number directly or by calling the airport or your cellphone operator.

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